Africa’s VC Landscape (CNBC Africa)

8th Season Capital founding partner spoke to CNBC Africa’s Power Lunch on Friday 11th November 2022 and provided high level insights into Africa’s growing Venture Capital (VC) landscape. Some notable points included:

  • There’s historically been a shortage of capital going into startups and SMEs in Africa. However over the past decade or more, VC has been an interesting and strong force directing capital into startups – especially technology-focused businesses.
  • VC can be a strong force for supporting women-founded businesses, black-founded startups and other historically excluded people across Africa.
  • Not every business needs VC at the start of their businesses. It’s important for founders to understand their stages of growth and start by bootstraping and de-risking their ventures before approaching VCs.
  • True growth comes from selling products and services – and getting business funded by your customers is key. So it’s important that African businesses work to expand their markets (total addressable market) through customer acquisition before looking for VC funding.
  • Africa needs to break down economic borders and enable movement of products and services in order to expand markets for African startups in Africa. We can do this through lobbying and leveraging the power of technology.
  • 8th Season focuses on a Fund of Fund model to support other VC GPs who then directly back strong founders.

Access the full interview HERE:

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